Enviro-Pads Containment System’s design and manufacture heavy-duty portable containment systems for the prevention of ground and surface water contamination. Engineer certified in Canada and the United States. Enviro-Pads Containment System’s provide industry with a proactive solution for the primary and secondary containment of hazardous fluids, chemicals, and wash water in a  portable, affordable, reusable manner.

Company founder  Eric Wassick has been associated with the oilfield industry since 1978 and provides extensive working knowledge in pipeline construction, international land, and off shore drilling operations.  Recognizing environmental concerns and the challenges regarding ground and surface water contamination, and the liability issues industry was facing the Enviro-Pad Containment System was developed.   The first prototype was constructed and field tested in 2000 as a portable wash pad and has evolved into many versatile proactive applications.

Product Line:

  • ENVIRO-PADS – Hazardous Chemical and Fuel Storage
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Wellhead Containment
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Rig Containment
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Wash Pad Containment
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Portable Pressure Washers
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Refueling Station
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Aircraft Containment
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Under Carriage Wash Ramps
  • ENVIRO-PADS – Pipeline Wash Pads

Systems are constructed out of high-grade steel, aluminum, or stainless steel and designed to withstand surface weights up to 50 ton per pad.  Each pad interlock together building continuous containment meeting customers individual sizing requirements.  Flow hoses connect each pad providing maximum fluid volume storage.  Ramps are easily attached for equipment to be driven on and off.  Forklift tubes and lifting rings are installed for handling and setup.

To provide a proactive solution for the prevention of ground and surface water contamination.  Enviro-Pads is proud to supply industry with a solution that alleviates the concern of environmental spills while eliminating reclamation costs, increases productivity, and demonstrates enivronmental stewardship.

Environment, health, and safety is our priority – we are SECOR Certified, subscribers of ISNetworld, AVETTA, member of Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  Enviro-Pads meet and exceed the stringent guidelines set out by Alberta Environment (AENV), Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), and the Fire Code of Alberta.

Mission Statement:
Providing proactive solutions for the containment of hazardous fluids while being aware of the climatic, economic, and environmental concerns dealing with the fragile balance between industry and nature.

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