Enclosed hot water/ steam trailer units, and skid mounted units that can be set in  the back of a pickup truck or trailer, specifically designed for use with the Enviro-Pads Containment System.

Enclosed Wash Trailer Features

  • 3500 PSI hot water wash
  • 650 or 1200 gallon water tank
  • 500,000 BTU diesel burner
  • 150′ high pressure wash hose on hose reel
  • Glycol tank for easy winterization
  • Non-slip floor coating
  • Optional steam
  • Fire extinguisher
  • LED 120V/12V lighting
  • Custom options available

Skid Mount Wash Unit Features

  • Designed to fit into a pickup truck box
  • 2500 PSI cold water wash
  • 250 gallon water tank
  • 100′ of wash hose on hose reel
  • Fire extinguisher and buggy whip
  • Custom options available

Enviro-Pads Containment Systems meet the stringent guidelines set out by the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB), Alberta Environment (AENV), and the Fire Code of Alberta.

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