Refueling Station: provides a proactive solution for refueling equipment and vehicles on environmental sensitive locations. Equipment drives onto the contained refueling station and refuels – any spills and/or leaks are contained. This modular system is portable, reusable and is setup similar to rig matting. The Enviro-Pads Refueling Station provides Spill Protection preventing ground and surface water contamination while eliminating reclamation cost.

Standard Features

  • Constructed out of high grade steel
  • Engineered Certified
  • Non slip working surface
  • Pads interlock for custom sizing
  • Connection hoses for maximum fluid volume storage
  • Forklift tubes and lifting eyes for installation and removal
  • Surface load rating up to 30 Ton


  • Drive on/off ramps
  • Custom sizing and weight certification
  • Enviro-Mats if refueling tracked equipment

Enviro-Pads Containment Systems meet the stringent guidelines set out by the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB), Alberta Environment (AENV), and the Fire Code of Alberta.

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